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Establishing protocols for the resumption of public Masses.

Read Bishop Persico's decree | Watch Town Hall video


Our Mother of Sorrows Parish is a wonderful welcoming Family of Faith located in Erie, Pennsylvania. Along with St. Casimir, Holy Family and St. Ann in Erie, Pennsylvania, we are a great community with three wonderful places to worship. As the People of God, we rejoice in doing our very best to live and love like Christ! We are committed to loving God, loving others, and making disciples. Founders, long-time parishioners, newcomers, and those visiting the area are all welcome. May the Lord’s every blessing be yours today and always!

From Deacon Jerry

Reopening our Parish for Public Masses

Given concerns for the safe and health of everyone, as well as our current inability to comply with the required protocols, we have delayed re-opening our churches for public masses. In the next several weeks we will meet with Pastoral Council and re-assess our ability to comply with the restrictions and protocol and re-evaluate our status on June 30.

 Our priests and the majority of our parishioners are in the high- risk category defined by the CDC. As the behavior and spread of the virus continues to remain unpredictable, it is still too risky to gather – even with social distancing practices in place. 

The protocol for re-establishing public masses as outlined by the Bishop is very demanding and complex. To meet this protocol will require a core group of volunteers willing to be at all masses. The decision to re-open is also optional and the dispensation from Sunday and Holy Day masses still remains in effect.  Several parishes in our diocese as well as other areas of the country have chosen to delay re-opening for public masses.

If you wish to view the protocols or Bishop Persico’s town hall meeting, visit the link at the top of this page or at  www.ErieRDC.org

Our Mass and Sacraments are the very heart of our faith and who we are and we all miss them dearly. It is our hope and prayer that we will all be safely worshiping together in the near future.

We are all in this Together!
Peace be with you! Jesus utters this phrase twice in today’s Gospel where he is in the room with his disciples.

They are huddled together in fear and he breathes on them and gives them the gift of the Spirit, the gift of new resurrection life. Then the disciples are sent off into the world as the missionary Church.

Our faith and the faith of all Christians throughout the centuries is really built upon what happened in that room and even more so what happened when the apostles left the room. It is through the solid foundation of the apostle’s testimony to the risen Christ, a testimony validated by twenty uninterrupted centuries of Church life, of saints and martyrs, of sacraments, liturgy and a college of bishops, that each one of us are linked directly, even physically, to that little group of frightened apostles who encountered the Risen One.

During the current pandemic we have heard the phrase “We are all in this together” repeated many times. It has served as a reminder of our unity and how much we all share in this crisis, and how we really need each other

As we celebrate Pentecost, which is often referred to as the birth of the Church, our readings point to the reality that yes, we are all in this together. Collectively we belong to one another in a new way – as a member of the Body of Christ.

St. Paul reminds us that by being part of this body each of us has been endowed with spiritual gifts and unique God-given talents. And, just like those apostles that were huddled in the room, we are sent forth to use our talents to build up the church and have a positive impact on the lives of others. We are sent forth in this world filled with fear and uncertainty to forgive, to heal to console, and to be peacemakers.

We are all in this together. With our talents and gifts, we belong to one another as parts of a body larger than our own. We are never alone. Jesus breathes into us the spirit then sends out into the world to unleash the spirit. The question is, what do we do with this now, in our own time and place? Every day we have the opportunity to use our gifts for the good of others. Every day is a Pentecost.

Peace be with you.

Livestreamed Masses throughout the Diocese of Erie: https://www.eriercd.org/livestreammass.html

Please Remember to pray Bishop Persico's "Prayer in Time of Pandemic" every day at Noon or whenever you can. A link to the prayer is at www.ErieRDC.org

Please continue to stay safe and healthy.Stay close to our Lord and invite him to walk with you and to come into your heart. 

Mass Times

(Holy Family Church Chapel-Monday through Friday 7 a.m.) (St. Ann-Monday through Friday 12:05 p.m. ) (St. Casimir-Monday through Friday 8 a.m.)
4 p.m. at St. Casimir
St. Casimir 8 a.m., (9:30 a.m. Latin Mass), 11 a.m.
Holy Family (Anytime by request); St. Ann (Monday through Friday at 11:30 a.m.; first Saturday at 8:30 a.m.); St. Casimir (Saturday at 3:30 p.m; Sunday at 9 a.m.)
Holy Day Mass:
Call the rectory office at (814) 452-4832
Holy Day Vigil:
Call the rectory office at (814) 452-4832